"Power.Tall.Look.Myan" You need to know that any man let his woman "Power.Tall.Look.Myan" like JungShiauLin like Bill Clinton showed, must be liar evil doer abuser; if not because JungShiauLin is liar evil doer abuser no way t 信用貸款o fight the real business battle ground, I would not ever show up to talk for his business; that how I only do the business "Cool", no way to share his bu 部落格siness "Gone"; you can go to look all his business record in Taiwan, When I was appearing all because he's too suck to deal the business tough time, he like USA evilest politicians, 部落格 I like US military force tooled fooled by him to solve any problem consequenced by his lie his evil his suck at the first place. That why when you see any woman "Power.Tall.Look.Myan" you need to kill b 網路行銷oth that woman and that man behind that woman. That how both MouJerDong and JohnCatShake (I look back and realized how come JohnCatShake willing to retreated out of the U.N.and given his life to TAiwan to die in th 票貼is tiny island. Because he seen the point that I just saw, he should bomb the entire Taiwan Island pieces away out of the map the moment immediately after Taiwan out of slavery force and seal the entire China border to let MouJerDong 酒店經紀and any Chinese man want to do whatever they like as long as they don't try to flee or to get any foreign stuff in. That how US military must station in Japan to make sure that those evil Chinese liars must have no way to fight Japan because of Taiwan I 辦公室出租sland gone with wind. You fight the war, you must not fear liars evil does abusers gang, you fear them, you have to kill them instead of bending to your own sucking invisible to follow liars evil doers abusers low lower lowest to fall. You dare kill one sucker, dare not kill billio 澎湖民宿ns suckers, you are too suck to deserve wearing that uniform to look up bright stars hang above the sky.) failed to saved China from falling apart, because both of them married Chinese female dressed animals that worse than western white trash, because western white trash does not know how 部落格to read and write Chinese words at the first place. That how JohnChin ended down worse than SungMayLynn, because SungMayLynn grown up tooled fooled by US white trash manufactured boarding school.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 部落格  .


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